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We manage and support the rising values of Turkey with our advanced organizational capacity and management structure.

About Us

The STT group is an organization with business competency in different sectors and it has been actively operating for 35 years since 1985. As an organization with improved vision and mission that conducts activities with confidence, we are happy to serve and always aim for the future . The sectors we operate in are as the following ;

  • Chemistry
  • Airway & Tourism
  • Textile
  • Jewelry
  • Import and Export Services
  • Auto Spare Parts
  • Food

In all of our activities, we prioritize customer satisfaction while achieving our goals without deviation. We continue to keep the pulse of the sectors by building bilateral relations on trust and quality in all of our services in 26 different countries and Turkey. Contunie..

We build a corporational approach to social responsibility within the frame of principle of consistent value creation while we maintain our activities with the mission of sustainable contribution to the modernization journey of our country.

While using our sources efficiently is on one hand a concern of resposible and prudent business management, it is also our civic duty on another hand. We consider it as reflection of respect for the earth, environment, humanity, future generations and ourselves to pay utmost attention while using every source offered by the earth.

As a member of Turkish business world with the strongest social awareness arising from deep-rooted corporational culture, we support various social projects every year as per our corporational citizenship consciousness while we maintain our activities on the purpose of discharging our responsibilities towards our employees, their families, local residents and other stakeholders as well as improving the quality of life in our society.

STT Grup

Fields of Activity

Auto Spare Part

Production of mechanical and electronic auto parts


The STT Group which continues its operations in the field of textile, preserves it's position in the industry with high export and import capacity.


Established within the structure of STT Group, The MİRPENÇ brand has entered the E-commerce industry via


One of our brands the Pesse produces professional cleaning products which are also exported to other countries.

Airway & Tourism

The Asu Avation offers tour operations and tourism solutions as well as provides plane, helicopter, air vehicles and spare parts. We also import and export these spare parts.


We also operate jewelry retail stores and carry out import and export operations under the name of our brand the Pesse.


Integrity and honesty are our primary values in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty in our relations with employees and all stakeholders.

Fields of Activity

We carry out our activities efficiently thanks to the strategic cooperation we have established with international groups in the wide geography where we operate.

With our innovative vision, we have been taking a pioneering role from energy to industry, financing to tourism, auto spare parts to real estate, textile to e-commerce, chemistry to food for 20 years.


Global Partnership


More than one thousand employees


Operation in 26 countries


50,000 monthly visits to our website

Contact Us

Contact Us


Bahçeşehir 1.Section Neighborhood Suzer Boulevard Trade Center 6/3 Basaksehir Istanbul Turkey


+(90) 212 669 70 00

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